We built Skylark as a reflection of our values

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Strongly rooted in design, our company grew from a paradigm shift in broadcasting and media

Ostmodern was founded in 2006 and rapidly built a reputation as an expert in rich media products, by delivering innovative product design services for tier one clients in a nascent market.

Our focus on digital product design for the broadcast and sports markets put us squarely at the centre of the first wave of the video on demand (VoD) industry: we designed the first generation of VoD products for C4, ITV, BBC, Arsenal FC, Virgin Media and many more.

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We believe in quiet, purposeful, invention and innovation

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Our culture has been fostered to tie design excellence with high technical expertise

A desire to ensure the quality of our end products drove us towards software development. From 2010 we consolidated our position in an increasingly competitive market by carrying out the technical build to develop our first end to end VoD services.

We believe that, to break the rules, you must first master them

We created Skylark to solve failings in the market

Driven by our clients’ desire for innovative, industry-leading technology, and their increasing need to act fast and evolve, we became frustrated with the regular, unpalatable options of ‘build it’ (a bespoke product every time from a mishmash of a publishing CMS and and OVP) or ‘buy it’ (in the form of an end to end template).

While individually these choices could offer a high degree of product and platform flexibility or a quick route to market, neither could offer a viable way of getting a non-derivative product into the market quickly with the flexibility to evolve it from day one. For this reason we developed Skylark with the brief of creating a platform that empowered Ostmodern’s teams to design and build more powerful, flexible and cost-effective products for our clients. This investment has been validated by our having now launched a number of innovative, rich media products on Skylark for customers across the globe to audiences worldwide.

We raise and solve problems, we don’t avoid them

We are always aware of the value each of us brings

People come to us because we understand how rich digital media and their audiences are evolving

Since originally launching as an internal product, we have observed several factors which have driven the market towards Skylark because of what it has to offer:

bulletBroadcasters and traditional content owners need to innovate to remain competitive

bulletRights owners are exploring new ‘over the top’ (OTT) routes to market

bulletVideo is permeating new areas and becoming core to diverse propositions

bulletSpeed to market must increasingly be coupled with the ability to evolve a product

bulletThe benefits of a headless CMS have become more widely appreciated

We believe that creating products is a collective and inclusive pursuit

We will continue to collaborate internally, with our clients, and their audiences to create the best digital products

For these reasons we decided that Skylark was too good a product to remain a benefit solely for Ostmodern’s product teams: we have built a headless CMS that is good enough for the exacting standards of Ostmodern’s product teams and those of our clients.

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Our clients

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